Clean Couponing Highlight: My Free Cart of Groceries

I wish I could tell you clean couponing was always this easy or impressive.  These results are not typical. But a few times per year, clean couponing pays me back.  On this shopping trip I did not pay a cent, but instead was paid $1.03 from the store.  My cart was full of 60 different food items.  These were the most wholesome versions I could find of somewhat processed items like crackers and frozen fruit bars, many simple foods like fresh organic apples and frozen vegetables, sprouted grain tortillas, even organic milk.  It was supposed to be $166.07 worth of groceries.  I did not have to pay anything.

Here's how our household did it:

I printed coupons from the Rock the Lunch Box website for some items.
I used some printed coupons the grocery store had sent me.
I loaded extra coupons from the store website to my store loyalty card.
This totaled $37.10 in coupons and loyalty card savings.

Plus, I used $130 in free grocery gift certificates that this store sends my family quarterly as part of its loyalty program for using their credit card.  

Once our transaction was done, the clerk handed me $1.03 that was left over from the gift certificates.

The best part about this large quarterly savings is that it's an overall savings at checkout.  It does not dictate buying any particular brand, so my entire cart could have been fresh fruits and vegetables or even meats and cheeses.  This helps me stick with the clean couponing idea of purchasing only what my family needs in the first place, not a product I wouldn't otherwise want.

(I still have another $20 gift certificate from the store to use another time.)

*Disclosure, I have received free samples in the past from the Rock the Lunch Box program.  This did not influence my decision to use that site's coupons on this shopping trip.

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