Friday with Kray: Patio Steps & Gardening Bed

My husband's usual idea of exercise is finding a project to do in the backyard.  That's good for the entire family, because we get to enjoy the results most of the year.  The weather is luring him outdoors again.  I think he's envious that I've been writing about other people's outdoor projects lately, but not about his.  It's hardly a fair comparison, when I've posted about a famous landscape architect who had large crews of laborers to assemble his designs. 

We do appreciate that the second of two steps is being built off the patio.  Kray says he's reworking the steps to include more tightly fitting stone and less gravel, since we've been tracking too much indoors.  He's always careful to use a level as necessary for even the smallest projects.

My husband is also greening the backyard by adding another large growing bed off the patio area.  It gives me approximately 50 more square feet for planting vegetables, while reducing the mowing area.  He's using a fabric covering over most of the bed to inhibit weed growth.  He'll make sure that the ground is correctly sloping away from the house to prevent interfering with the foundation.
He says I forgot to mention the firepit that he built previously off the patio.  He and the kids like to roast marshmallows in it.  He also thinks that I should show you the original patio project again, so here it is.

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