Flour Sack Mama's Weekly Closet Organizer

Original Closet Organizer by Flour Sack Mama
Looking for an easier way to keep your child's closet organized so that school mornings go more smoothly?  If you can sew a little, you might want to try making a set of hanger organizers for the closet.  It gives children a way to label clothes for each day of the week and have underwear, socks and other accessories already matched up for the day. It's been helping us avoid arguments or delays over what to wear to school.  The organizer fits right over the day's clothes after they're already hanging up.  It includes three pockets for underwear and accessories.

We used a variety of cotton fabrics, totaling four yards, to create a set of seven organizers to fit a children's clothes hanger.  (Keep in mind that dimensions could be larger for a full-sized hanger.)  We used coordinating thread and grosgrain ribbon (at least one spool  of 1 1/2 -inch-wide ribbon needed).

We started by having the days of the week machine-embroidered onto my daughter's favorite cotton fabric.  The font was no more than an inch high and 3 inches wide.  Because my daughter insisted on pink lettering over lavender print fabric, the contrast was not good enough to show up well in the photo.  They are easy to read in person.  However, more contrast would be ideal. You can save the most if you have a home embroidery machine or if you use vintage tea towels that already have the embroidery on them.  Because I had to hire the work done, I saved by asking for the days to be printed in a column on one piece of fabric. You need to use a fabric strip that is 14-inches wide, allowing 5 vertical inches for each section of fabric where a day is printed.  I used a narrower remnant for the embroidery and then pieced coordinating fabric blocks with it to make it work.  I was very happy with the work at Sew Unique in Clinton, Tennessee.

Lavender is my daughter's latest favorite color.  So, that dominates our design.  We used some new fabric and some scraps, and we had fun mixing colors and patterns very casually.

I cut the days of the week apart at home before constructing the organizers.  I'm efforting free pattern details for you later this week.  This is an original design.  Here is the a free tutorial and pattern for home use.

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