Heroic Parenting Efforts

Be a superhero!  It's what many parents are striving for these days.  We hope we can seem at least marginally super and heroic in the eyes of our children.  Whether we're balancing a full-time office job with parenting or calling ourselves stay-at-home moms when we never get the chance to stay home, we're undeniably our children's best advocates.  Yet it's a heavy burden to shoulder this responsibility alone.

This deep urge to provide a future for our children is motivating dozens of moms across several states to gather this Thursday for stroller brigades.  We're asking our leaders to also care about their youngest constituents and be superheroes in the effort for safer chemicals.  Environmental links to health problems are turning up too often, and chemicals in question are in commonly used family products.

Here's the letter I wrote my US Senator.  You can write one, too.  Be cordial and concise.

Here's more about Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families.

Here's a link to Stroller Brigade Central, where you can learn more about it and find a parent group in your area.  Hope you to see you Thursday!