How Does Our Garden Grow?

Lazy Wife Greasy Pole Bean Plant from Sow True Seed
Growing up eating vine-ripened tomatoes, homegrown okra, and hand-snapped beans from our family garden gave me a taste for what I want to share with my own children.  It's fantastic how growing our own fresh leaf lettuce can motivate the girls to ask for salad at the dinner table.

I also get inspiration from seeing the First Lady showcase the White House garden , where schoolchildren recently helped with the spring harvest.

Our family's little organic garden didn't get started until well into spring, so we're tending it every day with hopes of a mid-to-late summer harvest.  Here are some highlights of our learning experience so far:

In early April we started our tomatoes and peppers from seed.

We learned about soil nutrients and got garden soil test results.

We built new raised beds and filled them with rich soil and amendments.

We got everything planted immediately before the "supermoon."

Most of the seedlings have finally taken off.

One of the gardening experts at Sow True Seed reassured me that my unimpressive sweet pepper plants should start flourishing as the summer temperature rises.

We anxiously started growing some small sugar pumpkins a bit early, while later in the summer is an ideal time to start them for fall harvests.  Luckily we saved a few seeds to plant more pumpkins on a staggered schedule.  Now, I just need to convince my husband to make another raised bed so I can find space.  If you have a sunny spot and room for them to stretch their leaves and grow, here's where you can find some sweet heirloom pumpkin varieties.