Picking Lavender

If I could grow only one plant in the entire yard and garden, it might have to be lavender!  It's beautiful, aromatic, edible, relaxing, and even a natural mosquito repellent.  We've enjoyed one lavender plant in a front flower bed and another at the corner of the vegetable garden.

In past years we've harvested our lavender at its peak, dried it and tucked it into handcrafted sachets for loved ones.

This year we were a couple of weeks late, but we're still appreciating having a few of our own lavender flowers for the house.

The girls tried creating their own simple version of lavender wands, using extra blades of grass for tying and weaving.

If you're starting to grow lavender in your yard, remember that it loves an area with well-drained soil.

Have you ever tried lavender lemonade?  I love it!

And this lavender-infused freezer pop recipe from Rodale sounds yummy too.

Don't miss your chance to win goodies for back-to-school time at this Rock the Lunch Box giveaway (our house got free food too for telling you about it).
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